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Exploring The Relationship: Fashion & Interior Design

Today we are joining here within this website to discuss the age-old question that all of you have been begging for us to answer…

Okay nobody was asking us this, but we are going to answer the question anyway.

Because what’s life if we don’t know random details about life to spill at our next cocktail party and look like the smartest person in the room… 🤷‍♂️


To the question…

Is there a relationship between the world of fashion and interior design?

Fashion versus Interior Design

Photos courtesy of CNN and Decorilla

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Strap in, we’ve got all the research for you… 😄

Let’s start with something you and I don’t need research for. Think of that person you know who has a particular home design. Somebody who took that fixer-upper and turned it into their dream home. Think of the colors and design of their home, do you see any crossover of that style with their wardrobe?

Minimalistic fashion and minimalistic home interior design

Photos courtesy of The Fashionisto and My Domaine

Maybe their home is minimalistic and monochromatic, is their wardrobe also very cream, beige, black, and minimal detail?

Bohemian fashion and bohemian home interior design

Photos courtesy of Vogue and Hommes Studio

Or maybe it features a lot of woven textiles, free-style, and mixed colors, and their wardrobe also happens to feature bold bohemian-style clothing.

Point exactly. Both fashion and interior design and forms of self-expression. Fashion focuses on making you feel good in your skin and interior design makes you feel good inside your safe haven, aka your home!

So in reality yes, these two forms of expression or art are very closely related.

In fact, it has been said that as fashion changes are generally influenced by social and economic lifestyle patterns and interior design tends to be driven by fashion.

So that recent runway you were watching, the set-up, the style, the colors, you will see that morph into interior design shortly.

It takes interior design just a little bit longer because obviously, interior design changes are a lot of a bigger deal and generally a lot more expensive. (Even if some of the big brand fashion pieces make us wonder about the furniture being more expensive part…)

Whatever the case, they are very similar. They both require artistic skills and work with materials and shapes to create a type of art form.

There are a few differences, but at the end of the day, the main difference is simply that their end goal is different. Fashion has a wearable end goal, whereas interior design has a space-driven end goal. But really other than that they are very similar!

So there you go. Your question was answered!

Reach out to us today for advice on the interior design of your space –

We do also advise on fashion, but we make no promises we will be very good at that, for reference our forte is lounge seating, not the latest Balenciaga runway trends… 😄


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