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The Four Promises: Our Commitment to Serving You

As a representative for Flexxform Designs, I wanted to let you all in on a little secret.

Well, it’s not so little – so keep reading.

I know this blog is great, sometimes a little dry in the humor area, sometimes informative, and sometimes a little too informative…however this one will be very ‘us’ focused.

But bear with us, this is something about us you are actually going to be interested in.

Specifically, if you work at a furniture dealer.

We have 4 guarantees we want to send your way.

  1. Quick Quote Turnaround. All quote requests will be responded to within 24 hours. (Little sidenote, it’s generally about 1 hour, but we can’t say that without customer service getting anxious. So, we stick to 24! 😉)

  2. Lead-Time Guarantee. All shipments will leave our factory within 6 weeks.

  3. Free Freight. Freight is Free within the continental USA & Canada.

  4. Customizations. If it’s soft seating or lounge furniture, and you need it, we can do it! Embroidered logos, sizing modifications, contrasting upholstery and/or contrasting stitching, or pieces designed for you, by you. We do it all!

Now, you could stop reading here if you got your fill. But…if you want to learn more, just keep reading!

Quick Quote Turnaround

There isn’t too much more to explain about this. But we are quick if I do say so myself.

Obviously, customs may take a little longer – but if your request is going to take some time, we will be sure to get back to you with an estimated day/time that we will have the information for you.

Lead-Time Guarantee

Again, this is self-explanatory, however, we promise you that we will have your order shipped within 6 weeks.

Again, there may be issues with upholstery, as that is out of our control. However, you will be notified at the time of the order confirmation if this lead-time guarantee is overridden by upholstery delays.

However, if the upholstery is to be delayed, our customer service team will offer suggestions of similar upholstery that you can use instead, to qualify for this guarantee.

Free Freight

With your standard dealer discount, we offer you free freight.

This not only makes it easier for you to quote your customers quickly, but it also honestly makes life easier for everyone. What you see in your quote is what you will pay – no additional surcharges, no additional freight, no additional anything. Just the price of the chair.

Simplicity = Satisfaction.


Is it a lounge? Soft seating?

Yes, we can probably do it.

Anything from sizing modifications on our standard products to contrasting upholstery options, to embroidery options, to design your own chair.

If it’s soft, if it's practical, and there’s a quantity, we can do it!

Are you sold?

Reach out today to explore a partnership with us or for more information –


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