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PSA - Needing Quality Lounge Furniture?

I know, I know, we had an employee post this on LinkedIn.

Go check it out if you haven't already seen it - PSA LinkedIn Post

But it was so good, we wanted to have it here too...

To give you a little background, one of our dealers reached out to us with a slight problem: Their customer had decided that 5 of our adult-size Tub chairs would fit into the back of a standard pick-up truck.

That all was fine until they drove down a highway about 5 minutes away from where they had picked the chairs up.

Driving 100 km (about 62 mph) one of these decent-sized cardboard boxes took that particular moment to catch the wind and take flight.

I mean, I've always wanted to learn to fly as well. But here's the thing.

This chair weighs around 60 lbs.

And it was flying through the air... 🦅

Somewhere in the process, the box got separated from the chair, leaving the chair hitting the ground and at a swift pace, and coming to a halt on the side of the road.

The good news is, it hit the road and nothing else.

Imagine a 60 lbs chair coming through your windshield, yeah that doesn't sound too fun...

🎉Now for the PSA...

Take a look at this photo...

This is the exact chair that flew out of a moving vehicle, took flight, and came crashing down onto a hard road.

Let me list the damage for you, so we are a little more clear.

1️⃣ The upholstery, yes there are scraps and rips, obviously.

2️⃣ The feet, again, scraped up and needing a little TLC.

3️⃣ The frame...the only damage caused to that frame is a slight crack in the wood where the chair met the pavement. An easy fix for our production team.

And other than that...this chair is perfectly useable.

The moral of the story - we aren't lying to you when we say our furniture will hold up to just about anything...!

So as a service to you all, buy Flexxform Designs Inc. lounge seating for your next project. It's built to last...! 😃

Reach out to us for more information -


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