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Quick Quote Turnaround

If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn or Instagram, or read our blogs, you know this already.

But if you’re new here, listen up!

If we learned anything from our background as a furniture dealer ourselves, it's that getting a furniture manufacturer to get a quote back to you quickly is nearly impossible in this industry.

But that’s where Flexxform is a little bit different.

Our official promise to you is this:

We will have your quote back to you within 24 hours.

Not fast enough for you?

Keep reading.

Now, in full disclosure, 24 hours is pretty generous.

The reason we promise 24 hours is because quotes for custom products or a larger project can take us a fair bit longer than normal, if we must get quotes on custom leg designs or fabric we don’t have graded in, we can take a little bit longer.

And if that custom quote is going to take even longer than 24 hours, we will be sure to let you know right away.

However, looking for a standard product in an upholstery we probably have graded-in but you didn’t have time to check?

Well, that quote will be to you within a few hours.

And I don’t mean you send it at 8 am and get it at 3 pm, I mean you send it at 8 am, you will probably get that quote back by 9:30 am, or earlier.

However, overall, our promise is 24 hours, so please don’t hurt your customer service rep if they haven’t got the quote, it to you within 10 minutes! 😋

Want to prove it for yourself?

Reach out with a quote request and experience it for yourself –

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