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Maximizing Comfort: A Complete Guide to Using Removable Seat Cushions

Do you have a Flexxform chair with a removable seat cushion? Have you actually tried to remove it yet? It’s more challenging than it looks, isn’t it!

Because our removable seat cushions are friction fit, there is a specific method in which it comes out easiest.

You’ll notice that if you try to lift it up and out from the front, that cushion will not move. Instead, slip your hand down the back of the cushion until your fingers feel the bottom.

Simply wrap your fingers under the base of the cushion and lift it up and towards you. And there you have it, easy access to clean around the cushion.

With the cushion removed, you can easily clean the cushion and around the sides of the actual frame. This is to ensure no liquid or bacteria is built up between the frame and cushion.

And to put the cushion back, simply find the support bar on the underside of the cushion. Make sure that is at the front of the cushion. Slip that into the front of the chair and guide the back down into place.

And BAM your chair is sparkling clean, and well it looks like a chair again! 😀


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