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Are Removable Seat Cushions Worth the Investment? Exploring the Benefits

What is the point of removable seat cushions?

Are there any benefits?

Is it worth the upcharge?

If you are reading this, you have probably asked these questions, maybe not aloud, or maybe you didn’t even know you had these questions, but when you read them, you thought, yeah why?

Good news, you will now be let in on the secret benefits of removable seat cushions (ok not secrets I know, but made you feel good, didn’t it? 😏).

Removable seat cushions are generally used in high traffic, high germ areas. Because our removable seat cushions are friction fit, they can be removed and easily cleaned. This allows any liquids, crumbs, or mess of any kind to slip through the crack, but then you slip the seat cushion out and can easily clean the seat and the frame around the seat.

Also…any of our chairs that have a removable seat cushion, are upholstered to the bottom of the chair. So, once that cushion is removed you can clean with whatever cleaner allowed for that upholstery, all the way to the base of the chair!

This also allows the mess to slip down to the floor, which means a mop or vacuum get to do most of the cleanup!

Have a Flexxform removable seat cushion, but can’t figure out how to get it out? Check out this blog & video to learn how: How To Use Flexxform's Removable Seat Cushion

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