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Unveiling Luxury: Inside the Most Expensive Hotel in the World

Exclusivity at its finest.

This hotel has no website and can’t be booked online.

It’s so secretive that we don’t even have very much information on it.

But we do have a fairly good idea of what the cost is.

Per night, this hotel costs a couple around $240,000 USD.


So now you’re wondering what this hotel is and why it’s so expensive, aren’t you…?!

Well, it’s actually a submarine.

The Lovers Deep Submarine at port in St Lucia

Called the Lovers Deep Submarine, this submarine has been converted into the most expensive hotel in the world.

Oliver’s Travels is a traveling agency based in England that allows customers to book exclusive “villas, castles, stately homes, beach huts, and cottages” (Ravi, n.d.). Each location is handpicked and is an unordinary type of location.

Photo Courtesy of Oliver's Travels

But what about the Lover’s Deep submarine?

The Lover's Deep submarine gives its customers the option of where it picks them up. The customer can say I'm going to be on this Caribbean island, come pick me up. However, it does recommend pickup being at a port in St. Lucia.

What I can decode from the little information available about Lovers Deep is this:

  1. It is only available to one couple per night.

  2. The interior design and furnishings are adapted to the customer’s specifications.

  3. Staffed constantly by a 3-crew staff: the Captain, a private chef, and a personal butler.

  4. The customer chooses where the submarine is moored. Generally, it moores at a coral reef off the coast of St. Lucia or near a sunken battleship in the Red Sea.

  5. Speedboat transfers are standard, but there are optional extras of having helicopter transfers, free rose petal scattering service, champagne breakfast in bed, and more…

  6. The menu doesn’t just feature standard hotel food, but oysters, chocolate fondues, caviar, and more…

Seems a little crazy, but hey if you had endless cash, maybe you would pay to spend a night in the deep depths of the Caribbean Ocean!

The Lovers Deep Submarine lounge area

Photo Courtesy of Oliver's Travels

And what about the interior design of this luxurious underwater hotel?

Well, it’s hard to pinpoint, because each customer must layout the design they want before even entering the hotel. According to Oliver’s Travels co-founder, Oliver Bell, it takes exactly 12 weeks for the submarine to be outfitted to the customer’s wants before the customer can step into the ‘hotel’ (Wong, 2014).

So one voyage may have a victorian style. The next maybe modern. It's all up to you as the customer what you want your underwater stay to be styled as.

And that my friends is exactly why it costs you around $240,000 USD. A custom submarine fit out with 3 personal staff members and an all-inclusive luxurious menu.

Probably not the best option for somebody who is claustrophobic or has a fear of water. However, if you have the cash and a spare night, why not try this once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience? 😄


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