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Exploring the Lavish Design of the World's Most Expensive Penthouse

Maybe you were sitting at your desk today pondering something.

Let me take a guess: you were pondering what the most expensive condominium in the world was…

No, okay, fine me neither to be honest.

But still, I’ll answer that question for you, so you never have to ponder that…!

The answer is the Odean Tower Sky Penthouse in Beausoleil, Monaco.

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

The real cost of the penthouse today is uncertain, as online it ranges from $387 - $475 million depending on what year the article was written. But whatever the case, it’s a lot.

So, what makes this penthouse so expensive?

Well apparently, Monaco has expensive real estate, to begin with.

And then…there’s this particular penthouse.

Featured on the top FIVE (yes five) floors of The Odeon Tower, the Sky Penthouse features everything and more.

35,500 square feet of space.

To put that into perspective, the average single-family home house size in America is 2,480 square feet. That is essentially 93% smaller than the size of this penthouse.

And for even more perspective. LeBron James’ formerly owned the Brentwood Mansion, a house that sold for $20.5 Million, and it has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and is just under 16,000 square feet. That’s under half the size of this penthouse in Monaco.

Mind-blown yet?

Okay, we are done with perspectives. Now onto the good stuff.

What do these 5 floors contain?

Must be good, eh?

Oh, trust me, it is.

The Sky Penthouse features a humble 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. But that doesn’t tell you the whole story. It also features 3 staff bedrooms, which by the way, they come with people in them.

Yes. This penthouse has 24-hour personal staff. Concierge service, cleaning service, private chauffeur, and even a Michelin-Star style private chef.

Did I also mention that this private chef has access to 5 kitchens? Because guess what, there is a kitchen on every single floor.

So, what else does this place have? Aside from the standard living and dining areas. This penthouse features its own personal nightclub. That’s right, it has a personal ballroom, which has a waterslide leading to an outdoor infinity pool. Yes, you read that right.

Photo Courtesy of The Pinnacle List


How cool would that party be? You can just slide off the dance floor into a pool…😱

Anyways, what else does it have? Oh yeah, a sauna, a spa, a second indoor pool, a state-of-the-art gym, a private cinema, and a 360° view of the ocean.

Yeah, there’s a lot.

And we haven’t even touched on the design yet…

The design of this penthouse is exactly what you would imagine a billionaire’s penthouse to look like. I’m talking black and white marble everywhere, with stunning gold accents. That expensive luxurious look that just exudes confidence and class.

Photo Courtesy of Chron.

What more can I say, other than if you ever find that 400 million you had laying around, go for it…!

Not to be disheartening, but according to Luxury Zoom, if you were working minimum wage in the US, it would take you approximately 22,000 years to be able to afford this penthouse.

So yeah, move out of the way millionaires, this is exclusive for billionaires.

One last fun fact about the Sky Penthouse, to get your own parking spot at the Odeon Tower, you must pay $330,000. So, even if you had the $400 Million laying around for the penthouse, you must have an extra $330,000 for every parking spot you might need.

Looking to design your own mini-Odeon Tower penthouse? And need a little help with the lobby design?

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