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Navigating the Upholstery Options: A Beginner's Guide

When looking through our graded-in program, finding the right upholstery for your design can seem more like a walk through 4 feet of snow with shoes and shorts on, rather than a walk in the park. (For the snow analogy, you know when you know…hey there fellow northerners…!)

But really, where do you start?

Below is a graphic that gives you the best way to move forward. Or keep reading and we will provide even more information!

We recommend that the first thing you do is look at the specifications below. Are you able to write down anything beside any of the specifications?

Seriously write them down and beside all the topics, write what you can, it doesn’t have to be narrowed down, just anything:

  1. Upholstery Mill Preference:

  2. Color Palette:

  3. Upholstery Material Preference:

  4. Any Cleanability Specifications:

  5. Pattern, solid, or contrasting:

  6. Grade Range (Please note the higher the grade the higher the price of your chair):

Were you able to fill out any of those specifications?

If so, email it to us, and let us make you a condensed list based on your specifications! Because we are here to help you!

Then from that list, you can narrow it down and we can have the mill send you samples directly to your door to make sure that they are exactly what you want.

We can let you know the grade from that final decision and include it in your quote.

And there you have it. Upholstery choosing is made as simple as possible with over 16 mills to choose from.

Oh and…have a specific mill, but you don’t see it on our list. Shoot us an email, we may work with them anyways and be able to give you a grade!

So, reach out today to simplify your upholstery choice:

And don't forget to go check out our graded-in program:


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