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Top Moments and Milestones: Highlights from 2023

Well…that’s a wrap.

Okay, okay, there are still a few weeks left of 2023, but from a business perspective, it’s basically a wrap.

The next few weeks are less about making money and more about spending time with the people you love! And a well-deserved break for all of you!

But before you go…

Let’s take a moment to review the crazy year we had.

It sprinted past and almost outdid Usain Bolt for the world record, but well those few days in there that we turtle-like ruined that for us…! 😄

So…what came first?

Well, I’m not sure you remember, but Flexxform used to be a little turquoise and grey, with slightly different branding.

Oh, you remember now?


Flexxform rebrand website jan. 2023

What feels like yesterday, but also a decade ago all at the same time, last January saw a huge change for Flexxform.

Our logo changed from a turquoise and grey to a stunning monochromatic grey and with that, we had a whole branding change.

A little less education-focused and a little more public space-focused.

We know as we grow this will go through all the growing phases and changes that brands go through, but for us, this was our biggest change yet!

And look at how beautiful it turned out to be!

New Products

Flexxform box configuration

With the branding change, something else happened…

And that was the introduction of multiple products.

Box, Nyx, Ira, Oka, Jaz, Dex, Eli, and multiple different shapes of ottomans were all introduced on Jan. 1, alongside the branding change.

All these products came from joining Flexxform’s 2 companies, our more senior living-focused company, and Flexxform as we know it. Now under the same umbrella of Flexxform, we offer seating for all sorts of different environments.

You name it, we probably have a solution!

National Sales Meeting

Flexxform national sales meeting on zoom

With the branding change came Flexxform’s first-ever whole sales team meeting.

As you know, we have independent sales reps in every state across Canada and the United States. And together we joined via Zoom for our first nationwide sales meeting to learn more about Flexxform's branding change.

It was a great meeting, and we look forward to our next one in 2024!

Designer New Products

Flexxform Flo product configuration

Throughout the first couple months of 2023, Flexxform soft-launched multiple new products which were officially launched at NeoCon.

Products designed by Quebec designer, Marc Boudreau and Italian designer Ezio Pescatori were introduced.

Ter, Gio, and Flo were the 3 stunning new products.

Learn more about them here:

NeoCon & NeoCon Talks

Flexxform NeoCon booth

And then June.

Seems like an inconspicuous month. Just hanging out there at the beginning of summer and giving everyone hope for some warmer weather.

Yes, sorry we live in Canada…!

Anyways, June is something a little different for the furniture world.

Yup…June brings Neocon.

And this year, Flexxform was featured in 3 locations.

A small booth on the 7th floor.

Our showroom in the Fulton Market.

And, we sponsored the lounge seating for the NeoCon talks area alongside Formica!

And featured within these three areas were: Ter, Flo, Gio, Box, Nyx, Jaz, and…

Battery Power

OE Electrics battery power in Flexxform lounge seating

Yup, battery power.

At NeoCon we launched battery power as an add-on for your Flexxform lounge pieces.  

In conjunction with OE Electrics, Flexxform became the first-ever manufacturer to put battery power in lounge seating!

And it’s been available for purchase ever since.

Learn more about battery power in lounge seating here -


flexxform box and gio at minnecon 2023

Shortly after NeoCon, we drove a few hours south to join our Minnesota sales reps at Minnecon 2023.

It was an awesome show and was great to meet our old dealers, speak with some new dealers, and talk with designers!  

And a shoutout to Renie Larson from Acre Workplace for winning our Gio & Sky Table set from the show!

Our Promises to You

man and woman shaking hands

After NeoCon, Flexxform had a good look at who we are as a company.

And instead of just telling you why we are great, we have put it down on paper as guarantees or promises to you and your customers.

Flexxform launched its 4 guarantees in September 2023:

  1. Quick quote turnaround time – our guarantee is 24 hours, but you’ll likely get it within a few hours!

  2. Lead time – we promise everything will ship within 6 weeks.

  3. Free freight – within continental USA & Canada, if there is a loading dock, you receive free freight.

  4. Customizations – you need a solution, and nothing seems to work. Reach out to us for a custom quote.

Learn more about our promises here -

And there you have it.

A crazy year, with crazy change, but we are looking forward to an even crazier 2024!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

We will be back with more blogs in January!

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