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Reimagining Tradition: Exploring the Box Collection's Timeless Design

Straight lines and endless configurations.

Introducing you to Flexxform’s new modular lounge collection.


A square, modern modular line, Box offers many different variations so that you can customize your configuration to fit your needs.

Options include adding one or two arms, inside or outside corner pieces, single seats, loveseats, or sofas. The list of options is endless.

And then you can also add power options to every piece.

Want to know the coolest part?

To get rid of a cluttered base, with legs on all four corners of each piece, we have developed a leg that doubles up as a ganging device. With assistance from an installation team, or just someone handy with tools, these legs sit between 2 different pieces, attaching to both with a bolt, and therefore, acting as the ganging bracket.

This adds to the sleek, modern look of the collection, but rids of the mess of too many legs beneath the chair.


This leg is 8” high for adult’s size and 6” high for children’s size. This allows super easy access beneath the chair for cleaning. Whether it be a mop or a vacuum, the height of the base can allow almost all kinds to fit underneath, without even having to move the product!

Check out more information on the Box here.

And don’t forget to reach out today for a quote on your Box configuration –!


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