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Although the Distance is Long...

Hmm, what is this blog about?

Something poetic, perhaps?

Yeah no, it was just a way to get your attention.

In reality, we are talking about quoting and freight...!

The distance comment, while, we are in North America, to get anything anywhere the distance is long...!

But to the point...


It’s great when manufacturers have their price lists available for you to quote their product.


It isn’t always that simple, is it?

The task of managing multiple manufacturers on the sample quote, remembering the discount for each different manufacturer, then recalling what they charge for freight, and…and…and… a sales support job is never done.

So, then you have to reach out, get a quote, and wait a good 48 hours. Then whoops they made an error.

So, another 48 hours of waiting.


We get it. It sucks.

So, what can Flexxform do for you, that can avoid these types of headaches?

Well, we offer free freight to our dealers.

That means…

Once you figure out what you want, the grade of your upholstery, and your discount, all that’s left to do is plug the numbers in from the price list that’s available online.

Then, you have your cost.

Simple as that.

Please note: if you drop shipping you may have to reach out for a quote. Unless you know that the location you are drop shipping to has a dock, in which case...

Free freight!

Reach out to us today to learn more –

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