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Only 6 Short Weeks...!

Well, this might not be what you were thinking of when you read the title.

I'm not sure what's happening in 6 weeks.

However, I do know a little something about 6 weeks that might interest you.

Lead time. Lead time. Lead time.

Everyone talks about it.

Some manufacturers brag about it.

Others try to avoid the topic.

So, what about us?


Flexxform has a promise that all products will be shipped within 6 weeks.

Now our official lead time is 4-6 weeks, and generally, we will have the products shipped within 4 weeks, however, we do have to give ourselves a little extra time when the upholstery you order isn’t one of our stocked upholstery.

Also, if the upholstery you order isn’t going to be to us for over 6 weeks, we will let you know at the time you place the order and provide alternative solutions if the lead time is going to be too extended.

And there you have it!

6-week lead time guarantee on all your favorite Flexxform products!

So I guess 6 weeks is exciting. If you place your order today, you'll be counting down the 6 weeks until you see your new Flexxform product!

Reach out today to get a quote –

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