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Exploring the Versatility and Beauty of Koa

In a world where interior design is bringing more nature into its spaces, Koa is the perfect solution.

So, what is Koa really?

Well in the non-Flexxform world, Koa is a type of tree found in Hawaii.

Acacia Koa Tree

It is a version of an Acacia tree, however, unlike standard Acacia trees, Acacia Koa trees are only found in the Hawaiian Islands.

Also, a fun fact for you, Koa wood ukuleles are much more expensive and harder to find than standard acacia ukuleles. Also, they feature a deeper sound making them the preferred type of ukulele.

But back to Flexxform’s Koa.

Flexxform Koa ottoman

Drawing inspiration from the natural Koa tree, our Koa ottomans feature an organic shape. Although there is no direct correlation between the Koa tree and our Koa ottomans, the fact that both are formed by nature is a connection we can’t avoid.

These ottomans feature curves, asymmetry, and flowing lines that are reminiscent of elements found in the great outdoors. The gentle contours minimize the shapes found in leaves, stones, or even waves, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility in your space.

So, take a look at our Koa ottomans.

What do you see?

We see a formation of pebble-shaped ottomans, organic and abstract. And when paired with the right upholstery, Koa can become the perfect way to introduce a more natural look into your design.

Another remarkable feature of the Koa is their versatility in spaces. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and upholsteries, Koa can complement any interior style, from minimalist to bohemian.

Whether your space needs a bold statement piece or a subtle, nature-inspired addition, the Koa ottomans provide a canvas for individuality and personality shown through design.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these versatile ottomans offer comfort, functionality, and an opportunity for personal expression. As we seek harmony between our indoor environments and the natural world, Koa stands out as a symbol of this evolving design philosophy.

Embrace the organic style in your space, reach out to learn more about Koa –

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