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What Markets…? Gio

If you’ve talked to us recently, you’ve probably heard the name.

Designed by Marc Boudreau, we’d like to introduce you to our newest accent chair.


four flexxform gio swivel chairs

Gio is a compact accent chair that allows you to swivel in style.

Gio offers 360° of suave design and class. Small in footprint, Gio is the perfect compact lounge choice for any environment. Whether placed in a tighter space or providing a minimalistic look in a large room, Gio is the ideal accent piece.

Cool, and trendy, Gio was designed for modern environments.

The exposed metal feature on the back adds a modern minimalistic feel, all while offering 3 options for contrasting upholsteries.

Choosing the combination of upholstery gives each Gio its own personality.

So where does this stunning piece fit best?

To name a few: Anywhere…!

Okay, not the answer you were looking for, so I’ll provide a few more specific examples.

The best place for the Gio is a café or restaurant.

two gio swivel chairs at cafe table

Sounds weird I know. But the standard restaurant table is around 28” – 30”, and Gio has a height of 26”.

What that means is that Gio can swivel underneath the table, without running into the table and ruining the upholstery.

This makes it the perfect lounge solution for that type of environment.

But also, in corporate settings or really anywhere where a table might be involved.

However, Gio also stands alone beautifully as well.

Perfect for office spaces, lobby areas, really any area where you might need a compact lounge piece.

Learn more about Gio here -

Reach out for a quote on Gio today –

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