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What Markets…? Nyx Edition

You may have already been introduced to our Nyx collection.

But if not, I’m here to make the introductions again…!

Nyx is a gorgeous lounge collection designed by David Dahl.

Combining modern straight lines with soft curves to provide a softer aesthetic to modern spaces, Nyx is an innovative twist on the classic chesterfield style sofa.

But what market does Nyx fit into?

Honestly anywhere, but Nyx is specifically the perfect fit for what we like to call public spaces.

And what are public spaces?

According to the dictionary of Flexxform employees: Public spaces are defined as any place where people gather in public.

A few examples of public spaces are:

  • Retail spaces: lobbies in shopping malls, or even seating beside the fitting rooms.

  • Hotels: lobby areas

  • Museums: The lobby, but also throughout the museum for people to sit and rest.

  • Airports: If you haven’t read our blog about the design of airports you probably should because it will explain it better, but there are always lobby areas there too!

  • Restaurants/Cafes: Really anything within the food industry always has at least some soft seating these days…!

I could keep listing, but you get the point.

If I were to narrow it down even more, I’d say Nyx is the perfect solution for retail spaces and also higher education. It is a little wider than some of our other collections so may not always be the right fit, but given enough space, Nyx can become the star in any environment!

Reach out today for a quote on adding Nyx to your space –

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