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What Markets…? Ter

I would like to make the formal introduction to Ter…

Although you may have met Ter already, and possibly place your first order… There are no doubt a few of you struggling to find where Ter might fit in.

But never fear, we have your back on this one…!

Ter is an interesting piece.

Design by Italian industrial designer Ezio Pescatori, Ter is made specifically for places where there may be a lot of traffic, but that traffic is traveling alone or with one or two others.

Why alone?

If you study the design of Ter, it is an unconventional 3-seat sofa. So instead of having the 3 people seated side-by-side, they are instead facing different directions.

This makes Ter perfect for spaces where people need a rest, but you don’t necessarily want to be right beside a stranger.

The 3 backs are the perfect boundary line, setting the personal bubble. And the fact that you have your back somewhat to both people, means you don’t have to feel like you are crowding their space.

So where requires furniture like that?

The first place that comes to mind is retail.

Take your local shopping mall for an example. Have you noticed the seating areas taking over the middle of the large aisleways? Put a few Ter down the center of the aisle and you have the perfect separation between the foot traffic, and the perfect spot for you to sit, rest and recharge your phone’s battery while you are waiting for your wife. (You know she is going to take forever…)

Reach out to us today, to see if Ter will fit in your new design –!

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