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What Markets…? Flo

If you visited us at NeoCon 2023, you have already met one of our newest products.

However, allow me to formally introduce our newest modular piece.

Meet Flo!

Flo modular seating with planter, power, and laminate top

Flo was designed by Marc Boudreau, who is based in Quebec, Canada.

Designed for any area where people gather, Flo is a versatile piece that has 3 simple pieces that can be combined to create your own configuration.

However, those 3 simple pieces each have options for creating your own flair. Planter options, laminate top options, and standard upholstery options are all available.

Flo modular seating with planter, laminate top, and tablet arm

And the best part…

The leg gangs the pieces together!

That means that you don’t have to worry about the small pieces being moved and cluttering the room. Your configuration of Flo can be held fast with the leg. And that keeps the design as it should be!

Flo modular seating with planter and laminate top

Petite in size, Flo is perfect for spaces needing lots of seating but doesn’t have enough space for something bigger like the Ace or Box.

Flo is the perfect option for any lobby spaces, mall lounge spaces, or anywhere you need soft seating and design!

Reach out to us for a quote –

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