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What Markets...? Kae

The classic piece that has been around since the beginning of Flexxform.

But if you are new to Flexxform products, I’d like to introduce you to…


Flexxform Kae tiered pieces

Kae is our tiered piece.

Combining 2-tier, 3-tier, and inside corner pieces allows Kae to be configurable and customizable to your space.

Kae was designed to last. As tiered pieces, they are known to be sat on, ran on, jumped off of, and more… And although the real reason for Kae’s existence is for sitting, well we are all kids at heart and we can’t expect kids or adults to simply sit all the time!

So, we made Kae to withstand that type of use.

So paired with a strong upholstery, Kae can stand up to just about anything!

So where is the best place to put a Kae configuration?

Flexxform Kae tiered pieces with power

Really wherever you’d like, but the most common places for Kae are below.

First up, is higher education.

In an area where students and/or professors and presenting, Kae is the perfect solution. It offers tiered seating for multiple students per piece, optimizing the space. But it’s also comfortable, unlike hard plastic chairs! With its frame covered in foam, it provides a comfortable space for students to focus on the presentation!

Flexxform Kae tiered pieces

Another space is K-12 education. Much like higher ed., Kae in this space for presentations and or lectures is perfect!

And finally, in corporate areas, for much of the same reason. If you have a space that is used specifically for presentations, Kae is the perfect product for the space!

Reach out for a quote on your Kae configuration today –

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