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The Latest Product Launches You Shouldn't Miss

As 2023 turned into 2024, Flexxform sneakily introduced five new products to our lineup.

You hadn’t even noticed, had you?

Well, now you will know.

You’re welcome…!

So what are these products?

We will go into further detail about these over the year, so stay tuned, but first, we will do a quick introduction to them all!

Flexxform Bea modular product with Tas laptop tables

Bea is the first new product. Designed by Marc Boudreau, Bea is the combination of form and function that creates an abstract modular piece all with one single SKU.

Flexxform Ion Modular Collection with Privacy Back

Ion is next up. You asked, and we answered. Ion is a modular line that has privacy back options. In fact, it comes standard with either a high back or a mid-back privacy. With multiple SKU’s you can create your own configuration of privacy seating.

Flexxform Ion Ottoman Collection with Tas Laptop Tables

Koa is a masterpiece! In fact, Koa was designed by one of you. Yes, it was designed by one of our customers who wanted something abstract and different, and we filled that need for them. And this year, we are bringing this custom collection to you!

Flexxform Tas Laptop Tables with Bea Modular Pieces

Again, you asked, and we answered! A standard laptop table, Tas is the perfect addition to our lounge seating, making our lounge seating that much more comfortable because Tas provides a place to rest laptops, notebooks, and more!

Tay Ottoman Tables with Laminate Tops alongside Box Sofas

And finally, Tay. Again, designed based on customs created for our customers. We took a few of the basic shaped ottomans and added a laminate top to them as a standard. That way you can have your upholstered sides and laminate top tables!

And there you have it!

Watch this space for more products that will be released throughout the next year!

And don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments –

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