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Exploring the Fusion of Flexxform and Victorian Style with Eli

A classic.

Eli is honestly one of those chairs that never goes out of style.

Okay, okay, I get it, it’s not your style. And that’s fine, truthfully it isn’t mine either.

But get this.

I’m thinking grand Victorian-style hotel with ornate paintings, dark wood, and glamorous gold chandeliers.

Let me give you a more descriptive idea of where our Eli would go.

Envision this… This hotel isn’t just any hotel, it’s the castle that some rich Duke lived in for many years, turned into a luxurious hotel with grand suites and sprawling gardens.

In the front doors, you are immediately welcomed into the drawing room or lobby area.

Each wall is decorated with detailed wainscotting, in a classic white, to modernize the room’s interiors. But immediately your eye is drawn to the end of the large sitting room, featuring a dramatic espresso brown fireplace.

Intrinsic detail carved into the wood extends the fireplace to the ceiling where a large gold mirror is hanging above the crackling fire. A sparkle of light catches your eye. And then you notice it.

The huge gold chandelier hanging in the center of the room. The sunlight from the windows glints off it creating the most magical display of dancing colors against the opposite wall.

“Take a seat, we will be right with you,” An employee says.

And that’s when you notice it.


Featured in front of the glorious fireplace is the classic. Two sit on either side of the fireplace with its stunning curves and rolled arms. Stately in their place. Gorgeous emerald green velvet calls to you to whip out a ballgown or tail-coat and top hat and sit, shoulders back and head up.

Too much Jane Austen, okay, fair enough.

But honestly, the Victorian era will never fade away completely, and Eli is the perfect fit for the style.

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