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Discover Flexxform's Unique Spin on the Classic Tale with Our Version of Goldilocks!

Once upon a time, there was a young girl with long golden hair. Her name was Goldilocks. She was new to town and today would be her first day of school. Her new neighbor, Jack, had promised he would walk with her to school today. Forgetting to knock, Goldilocks walked into his house.

“Coming,” Jack yelled down the stairs.

“Hello Goldilocks,” Jack’s Mama said, smiling. She smiled back, just as Jack came down the stairs.

“Have a good day at school,” Jack’s Mama said as they skipped out the door and towards her new school.

When they got there, Jack led her to her new classroom.

“Take your pick,” Jack said gesturing to the many chairs spread out around the classroom. Goldilocks smiled and looked around. She saw first a big single-seat couch and climbed up into it.

“This chair is too big,” She exclaimed realizing her feet were dangling off it in the most uncomfortable way.

“Oh that’s Mrs. Bear’s chair, she sits there when she reads books to us,” Jack explained. She slid down and looked around. She saw a standard task chair and decided she would try that. Climbing up onto it she felt disappointed.

“This chair is too big and too hard,” She complained, realizing that still, her feet hung off.

“Oh that chair is for time-outs,” Jack said, then stepped closer, “Watch for Baby Bear, he is usually sitting in that chair,” Jack whispered. Goldilocks stayed there, but after a few minutes, her feet began to fall asleep. She sighed and climbed down, looking around.

“When will big people learn that one size doesn’t fit all,” She grumbled. But then she saw it. There in the corner was a small couch. But it wasn’t just a regular small couch. The seat was lower to the ground than most couches and it was narrower and just all-around a mini version of Mrs. Bear’s couch. She walked over to it and sat down.

“Ahhh, this is the perfect chair,” Her feet could rest on the floor and it was the perfect size for her small stature. She relaxed into the chair and grinned at Jack.

“Hey, I want that chair!” Another of her classmates said as she stepped into the classroom.

“I was here first,” Goldilocks said giggling, “Sorry,” And for the remainder of the day Goldilocks stayed in her new favorite chair.


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