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Meet Bea: The Latest Addition to the Flexxform Family

If you have yet to have a formal introduction to one of the newest members of the Flexxform family, allow me to make the introduction…

I’m not exactly talking about a team member, but more a new product.

But products are boring, so we have to pretend it’s a person to capture your interest…! 😋

So, allow me…

Reader, meet Bea. Bea, meet the reader…!

3 pieces of Bea, Flexxform's modular collection

Bea is one of Flexxform’s new modular collections.

“But writer…there’s only 1 SKU, how is it a modular collection?” Yes, yes, calm down, we are getting to that…!

Another thing you are probably wondering is why it is that every time we mention Bea, it is grey instead of black. Well, that's because clicking on the grey "Bea" directs you straight to Bea's dedicated webpage!


Before you go, keep reading to learn more about Bea. Then go to Bea's page!

Bea is a unique product that defies convention and redefines the essence of art and innovation. The combination of form and function creates an abstract masterpiece.

2 Pieces of Bea and Tas, from Flexxform

Although it only features one SKU, Bea has a unique design, the back doesn’t reach the whole width of the seat. This means that multiple pieces of the Bea can be placed together in many different configurations to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that is like a piece of artwork within your design.

So, are you wanting to find a way to add artwork to your design?

Try using Bea as the seating and become a modern-day version of Van Gough with your masterpiece of a Bea configuration!

Reach out to find more information about Bea –


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