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Only 6 More Weeks...

Only 6 short weeks away.

And then what, you say?

That’s right, Neocon 2023!

Flexxform is absolutely thrilled to be back at Neocon for the 3rd year in a row!

And this year, we have something even more exciting to announce...

For the first year ever, Flexxform will have a booth in the Mart itself! 🎉

Located on floor 7, we will be at Booth 7-4011!

We will be showing a few of our newest products and are happy to chat with you!

And if you are wanting directions to our showroom, pop over to Booth 7-4011 and we can help you out.

With our recent brand changes and additional products, we have so much to show you and hope that you take a little time out of your busy Neocon schedule to come to visit our showroom down at the Chicago Arc, on 404 N. May Street, in Fulton Market. See the directions on Google Maps.

And to make that trek even easier, we offer a free trolley ride from the Mart to the Chicago Arc on Monday and Tuesday!

To make it even sweeter, we share the showroom with Ezoboard (Ayrsonics), Logiflex, and a few other great brands, so you can have more than one reason to come! 😊

This year, we have so many new products and innovations to share with you. We will be featuring multiple of our new 2023 products, plus a brand-new idea that has yet to come to soft seating across the industry.

This year, we will be launching the first-ever battery-powered chair.

No, not a self-driving Tesla chair, but close…! 😏

You know how you can get soft seating with a power outlet? Yes, well that is great, but there’s a cord that comes out of that chair, and you must set that chair close to a wall outlet to get any power.

Well, this is where Flexxform comes in.

As of Neocon 2023, we will be launching battery-powered outlets in our chairs, meaning you can move that chair anywhere, and still be charging your device!

Cool huh?!

Come check it out for yourself by visiting us at our Booth and/or our Showroom!

Book a time to chat with us at our showroom at the Chicago ARC -

Can’t wait to see you there!

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