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Revolutionizing Your Space: Introducing the Ion Privacy Seating Collection

Envision this…

You have a space within a large open area, where you want something slightly private, but still comfortable.

In the age of distractions and noise, having that type of space in any public area is very important.

So how can Flexxform help?

Well, we’d like to introduce you to Ion.

Ion Mid-Back Privacy Configuration

One of our 2024 additions to the Flexxform family, Ion is the perfect solution for a soft, private space.

With a simple and classic design, Ion offers multiple SKUs for you to build out your personal private space.

And all these pieces work together to provide a private area where people can join to have private discussions, or simply get away from the hustle and bustle of the space around them.

Ion also comes with 2 different back heights. So depending on how private you want the space to be, you can choose a 44” mid-back privacy or a 54” high-back privacy space.

Ion High-Back Privacy Collection

The Ion also allows you multiple options for contrasting upholstery. You can have different upholstery in four different spots.

  1. The back and/or side privacy panels.

  2. The back cushion(s).

  3. The seat cushion(s).

  4. And the base!

Reach out for some of our standard configurations and or a drawing of your own configuration –


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