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Achieving Your Vision: Turning Dream Furniture Concepts into Reality

In your mind your design is complete, isn't it? But you're struggling to find somebody to do the soft seating feature 'just so' to fulfill your vision...

After googling every version of your vision, you can, you still haven’t found what you want.

You have the sketch. The dimensions. The full vision.

Shoot an email to with a description of your vision.

I’m serious, we do customs!

custom ottoman

Custom Ottoman Created for a Customer

Now, if you are thinking about 1 single piece, we may not be as willing, however, if you have a few of the same pieces, or maybe 1 piece in addition to 10 other standard pieces, hit us up!

So that’s full customs, but we also do other types of customizations.

Embroidery, contrasting stitching, contrasting upholstery, sizing notifications, and more.


rio ottoman with custom logo embroidery

Embroidered Piece Created for a Dealer's Showroom

Customize your logo into any of our standard soft seating.

Whether it’s a team logo, school logo, corporate logo, or really anything, we can put it into our seating.

Reach out for a quote for your logo –

Contrasting Stitching and Upholstery:

adult and child size via swivel chair

Contrasting Upholstery Samples

Contrasting stitching adds an extra layer of design. Choose your upholstery then choose your stitching color as per our options - Contrasting Stitching Color Options.

Contrasting upholstery is another way to make your Flexxform furniture your own. Flexxform has a full document of graded-in upholstery. Choose your upholsteries, choose your upholstery location, and there you have it!

And for pricing, you simply take the price of the higher-graded upholstery!

Check out the upholstery options here - Graded-In Program

Sizing Notifications:

Like our standard pieces, but need it to be wider?

Maybe adjust the seat height?

Well, we can do that too!

And we can do multiple other customizations. Have something in mind that we didn’t list?

Reach out to us today to see what we can do to customize your space –!

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